software development

Our software development methodology is clearly defined, yet flexible to meet the needs of diverse customer types. The "agile" methodology is what we primarily use, which basically means we provide you with base functionality in short iterations and let you decide if the functionality fits your business process. We have had tremendous success developing software this way and feel confident it will work for you.

We have experience in designing software for a variety of business processess. These systems include small desktop database applications, powerful multi-user Windows database systems, and worldwide web-based systems, using the following technologies and services:

  • Web application development using Java Servlets/JSP, PHP/MySQL, including company intranet based, e-commerce and business to business(B2B) applications
  • C# and Visual Basic development for Microsoft Windows & .Net platform
  • Database design, implementation, and maintenance for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Progress development for Unix server platforms - ERP software customizations
  • Systems analysis - Let us discover what solution best fits your business processes